Jacob Reed’s Sons: Haberdasher to Preppy Philadelphia (1924)

New York has Brooks Brothers, New Haven has J. Press, and Philadelphia had Jacob Reed’s Sons. Closed since 1983, Jacob Reed’s Sons is long gone but far from forgotten [for example – here, here, and here]. I have heard many stories of this venerable institution over the years (to bad I did not write any of these stories down).

The firm published a small (40 page) pamphlet to commemorate their 100th anniversary in 1924. I was lucky enough to purchase this pamphlet about two years ago. I know I purchased it on eBay, but I don’t remember how much I paid. Now if I could only find a history of Miller/White!

Click on the image to access the bookletJacobReed-1

9 thoughts on “Jacob Reed’s Sons: Haberdasher to Preppy Philadelphia (1924)

  1. Christoph DeHaven

    I was gently guided out of there by the salesmen as a young grad student when I appeared in the store in jeans and a t-shirt. But I miss it.

  2. alice

    Interesting article. That book was quite a find! I recently acquired a 1924 Jacob Reed’s Sons jacket. Beautiful details and a heavy salt & pepper whipcord fabric. Very fitted look brings to mind a chauffeur uniform.

  3. Eric Bell

    Hello. I’ve had a Jacob Reed’s Sons black woolen Chesterfield top coat in my possession for about 30 years now. I’ve always been interested about its age and history. Can you advise me how to research it?

  4. Samuel R. Danziger

    I reached into the closet this morning and pulled out a Haspel suit purchased from Jacob
    Reed’s Sons, Philadelpia. Purchased when; I graduated from Wharton in ’59. Sam

  5. Roger B. Hall

    Old bow tie finally wore out. Removed the label to keep as a keepsake. Sad to it go and thanks for all the years of service!


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