1 thought on “On the Year Book of St. James’s Church, Philadelphia (1907)

  1. MikeM

    An excellent picture of the St. James Chancel. My interest in St James comes from a grouping of Salviati mosaics of the Apostles that were salvaged from the demolished St James in 1946 to St Joan of Arc RC church in Harrowgate, now defunct. The founding pastor of SJA was a Msgr. Edward Hawks, a former Episcopalian priest, member of a St. Elizabeth’s Church under a William McGarvey in some sort of church movement thing. Hawks converted in 1908. I have traced down the local Harrowgate urban legend along with others of where the Mosaics originally came from. Am hoping some interior of the old St. James 22nd and Walnut will surface and show the contextual settings of those mosaics within that old edifice. FYI: http://phillyandstuff.blogspot.com/2015/04/salviati-mosaics-from-saint-james.html
    Yours is a very interesting blog of shared shards of Philly church history.
    Thank you


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