3 thoughts on “St. Hugh Roman Catholic Church, Fairhill, Anniversary Book (1973)

  1. Noah

    Great site and I love the history but please stick to the Episcopal Church history. The Episcopal Church history is what drew me to the site. This Roman Catholic anniversary book seems off topic. Is there an Episcopal Church connection to this particular Roman Catholic parish?

    1. mjk38 Post author

      You raise a very interesting point. When I originally convinced the idea of the blog, I had intended to use content from my Philadelphia book collection. The collection includes city planning material and a vast collection of church histories – Presbyterians, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Episcopalian, etc. It is only by accident, really, that the blog took an Episcopal turn (I will cover this in more detail in my year end essay). On the first day of the month, I take the liberty of posting one item out of my collection that is not Episcopal related. For the moment it will be a Roman Catholic parish history. I have about four more that will go up. Then I will move to the Presbyterian histories. My goal here is to unlock content – these books do no one any good just sitting on my shelves.

  2. Joshua Castano

    I like the occasional RC, Presbyterian, etc. histories. They help put the Episcopal parishes into context, otherwise our reading of them would be in a silo.


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