3 thoughts on “Photograph of a Group from Church of St. Luke and The Epiphany and Martin Sheen at the Burning Bush AIDS Hospice (1989)

  1. Diane Storch

    Can anyone share what happened to this hospice? My brother spent the last days of his life here in 1989. This was a Godsend, giving him dignity at the end of his life. I honk about it very often remembering Brother Michael speaking to Martin Sheen on he phone as our family waited for the passing of my brother.

    1. Juergen Schaufelberger

      Hello Diane,my name is Juergen and I worked 1989 as a swiss intern for Calvary United Methodist Church, 48th and Baltimore, West Philly. As a part of my internship i worked at burning Bush Hospice, till i went back to Switzerland in December 89. At that time the responsibility for the hospice went from Michael to an other group of aids activists , because Michael left Philadelphia to live in a christian convent. The project couldn’t survive after that change, and got closed.


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