1 thought on “Service Leaflet for the Second Sunday in Lent at St. Stephen’s Church, Philadelphia (1945)

  1. Suzanne Glover Lindsay

    I’m glad to see Rev. Price invoke Pearl Buck’s strong words on American racism as part of the Lenten self examination in 1945.

    The tribute to Eliza Howard Burd on the occasion of her birth date, alternatively, reminded me of the blogs I found online, focused on this School that finally closed in the sixties. There, you find the unsolicited reminiscences of students from those last years that stress their happiness and gratitude for their experience, and their pleasure in communicating with other alums. Something for me to remember when I find myself applying negative stereotypes about orphan asylums or when I mutter about the unyielding restrictione on the residents’ credentials (white, ideally daughters of Episcopal clergy), that many feel, justifiably, led to the School’s demise in a changed world.


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