1 thought on “Stewardship Letter to the Parishioners of Trinity Church, Southwark (1895)

  1. Janet Zimmerman De Caprio

    Hi Mike,

    I read with great interest the recent posting of the 1895 Stewardship Letter to the Parishioners of Trinity Church, Southwark (Catharine St between Second & Third Sts). Except for a few details, it could’ve been written today. I would like to share the story of Trinity Church, Southwark with our Stewardship Committee and congregation.

    I searched for more information on Trinity Southwark, I found this on https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/2614540/trinity-episcopal-southwark-(defunct):
    “Cornerstone of the original church and grounds was laid by Bishop William White in 1821. Remained a viable congregation until the late 19th Cent., when, due to declining numbers and demographic changes, the church entered a terminal decline. The remains in the churchyard and some of the tombstones were partially removed to Mount Moriah by 1919.”

    I also found “A Historical Look at Trinity Church, Southwark/Logan (1916)”
    https://philadelphiastudies.org/2014/07/09/a-historical-look-at-trinity-church-logan-1916/ that discussed the closure of Trinity Southwark and it’s relocation to Logan (Broad St & Wyoming Ave). On Google Maps, it appears Trinity Logan’s parish house and church are extant.

    Perhaps you have information on what happened to Trinity Church, Logan after 1916, as it is no longer a parish in the Diocese.

    You probably know the former site of Trinity Church, Southwark appears to be the Mario Lanza Park http://www.ocfrealty.com/naked-philly/queen-village/delorean-time-machine-mario-lanza-park

    Philadelphia Studies is a treasure trove of fascinating Diocesan history. Thank you for your passion and commitment to discovery and documentation.

    Kind regards,
    Janet Zimmerman De Caprio
    Trinity Buckingham


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