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A Chart of Rector Salaries in Philadelphia (1870)

From All Saints Church, Moyamensing, Monthly


A Short History of the Different [Episcopal] Churches South of Walnut Street and East of the Schuylkill (n.d.)

From the Archives of the Diocese of Pennsylvania. Written by G. Woosley Hodge, rector of Church of the Ascension. Click on the image to access this essay.


Report of the Bishop’s Bricks Fund, Diocese of Pennsylvania (1919-1920)

Found in the archives of St. Luke’s Church, Germantown

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Report to the Southwark Deanery Strategy for Mission Committee (1988)

From the archives of Church of the Crucifixion

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Annual Report of the Southwark Deanery for 1986-1987

From the archives of Trinity Memorial Church. Click on the image to access the report150629-092519-Page-001