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Map of the Proposed Parish Boundaries in the Convocation of Germantown (1899)

From the Archives of the Diocese of Pennsylvania

Study of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania: Philadelphia Parish Reports (1964)

About the Study:
“The self-study has been started in the fall of 1963, carried out by the Division of Research and Field Study of the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church in New York. It was completed a year later. By the fall of 1965, the data had been organized and analyzed, and the results were ready to be reported and discussed…..The self-study was about people rather than property or finances, though the need for money is evident in the report. In many ways, the picture that emerged was one of which to be proud…The most depressing findings, however, had to do with the low state of morale and the weakness of the lines of communication among members of different parishes. Too many divisions existed. Race and class were the unspoken divides here. Lay leadership did not seem especially strong to the study group, nor were the Convocations, or regional groupings, very effective. Furthermore, the number of communicants were flat, while the population in the metropolitan area was growing.” – Sheldon Hackney, This Far By Faith: Tradition and Change in the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania, pp. 308-309.

Summary Document

Central Philadelphia:

South Philadelphia:

Southwest Philadelphia:

West Philadelphia:

Lower North Philadelphia:

Upper North Philadelphia:



Germantown/Mt. Airy/Chestnut Hill

Olney-Oak Lane

Near Northeast Philadelphia

Far Northeast Philadelphia