2 thoughts on “Program for the Silver Jubilee Luncheon in Honor of Rev. Robert C. Hofmeister, Rector of Church of the Annunciation (1985)

  1. Shawn Torres Sr

    My name is Shawn Torres, I am 43 yrs old, and I was Baptized and Confirmed in Annunciation.
    I grew up in this Parrish, my house was right next door.
    After our Church burned down, I stopped attending services. I’ve been to churches over the years, but, it just hasn’t been the same experience, as when I was a child.
    A few years ago I drove past my Church. I was told of Annunciation’s new home, but this was my fist time actually seeing it.
    I Google Annunciation, and found some old programs and documents, that contained me and my Father’s name. My father was the Church’s groundskeeper. Mr Jose G. Torres.
    My name appeared in Father Hofmeister’s, 1985, Silver Jubilee luncheon program. I spoke on behalf of the Church School. Seeing this tonight has really made my day, and brought back so many good memories.
    I’m looking forward to attending my Church once again. It’s been 25 yrs, it’s time for me to come home!


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