1 thought on “Service Leaflet for the Presentation of Alternations and Decorations by Ms. Anne Magee at St. Stephen’s Church, Philadelphia (1918)

  1. Suzanne G. Lindsay

    A tribute on Ash Wednesday 2018 to Mike Krasulski for the value of this documentary blog to researchers–and to those who are custodians of the documents in the original churches, as I am. I am deeply grateful for the availability of these holdings to us (we can minimize handling fragile originals) as well as to the broader public, since the parish archive isn’t open to the public just now. The offerings’ organization is lucid and search capacities admirable, and their availability for downloading as pdfs or printing generous. I’m delighted with the philadelphiastudies.org imprimatur and am pleased to cite the blog as source of my own material in publications. The service pamphlet here is a key document in a seismic design shift at St. Stephen’s as it prepared for its Centennial in 1923.

    Suzanne Glover Lindsay


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