2 thoughts on “Photographs of the Contingent from the Church of St. Alban, Roxborough, at the Roxborough July 4th Parade (1961)

  1. Janet Anderson

    Thank you for a happy memory. I grew up just down the street and remember Rev. & Mrs. Stetler an the June Fair! On Sunday, Christmas Day, 1966 my Mom decided we would walk up to St. Alban’s for church since we weren’t able to get off Fairthorne Ave. (we were Presbyterians!) I don’t remember anything about it except that 2 other children had walked a long distance to be there!

  2. Lynn Boyce

    I was Baptized by Rev. Stetler in 1954 in the church of St. Alban’s. The photo above also shows my Dad marching behind him slightly hidden to the right! My father later became Rev. Robert Holland Hammes serving the Anglican Church in Florida.
    Thank you for such a wonderful surprise while visiting “Memory Lane”!
    Lynn Hammes Boyce


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