4 thoughts on “Rev. Paul M. Washington Integrates Eastwick Swimming Pool (1960)

  1. Bruce Herndon

    Thank you once again for this article. Eugene Herndon, one of the boys in the article, is my late Brother. He spoke about his participation in this event but I had no idea it was covered in a newspaper.

  2. mjk38 Post author

    Bruce – that is incredible. If you are willing to share, did he happen to mention any details that were left out of the article?

  3. Naomi A Dunn

    I remember Eugene Herndon, he was an altar boy. This article brought back many memories. I was raised; baptized by Father Paul and confirmed by Bishop Tsu, in St. Cyprian’s. My dad was the superintendent of the Sunday School for many years, and my mother was the organist and choir master.


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