1 thought on “Photographs of the Sunday School of Church of St. Simeon, Philadelphia (n.d.)

  1. Janet Zimmerman

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for this fabulous website. It’s an endless treasure trove of fascinating Diocesan history. I learned about your scholarship during DIOPA’s 2016 History Committee program at St Luke’s, Germantown.

    Here’s my reason for writing.

    In 1920, my paternal grandparents were married at Church of the Annunciation, 12th & Diamond. The church experienced a devastating fire in April 1990. In 1991, the parish relocated to the former Church of the Epiphany, Lincoln Dr & Carpenter La in West Mt Airy after Epiphany merged with Grace Church, Gowen Ave & Ardleigh St in East Mt Airy.

    Interestingly, I attended Grace in the 1950’s and Epiphany in the 1970’s. Even more surprising, is that I have a connection to Church of the Annunciation because of my grandparents marriage. I’m convinced this is Divine intervention.

    In 2008, I stopped at Church of the Annunciation to inquire about their records as I was doing genealogical research and curious if my grandparents 1920 marriage was documented. The rector kindly showed me a cabinet with several old ledgers and papers in total disarray. I said I would return, but alas I have not. The appearance of these church records is still in my memory and I wonder of their status.

    I’m sure you’ve come across similar stories of abandoned church records. Any thoughts or suggests on what efforts might be available to secure and preserve these records?

    Kind regards,

    Janet Zimmerman
    Trinity Buckingham


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