1 thought on “Real Photo Postcard of the Rectory and Parish Hall at Church of the Annunciation (n.d.)

  1. Arthur Daniel Leiby

    Walter Frieman, Jr.and tried to keep up w/Annunciation aver the yrs. Yrs ago i sent my complete set of parish newsletters that Fr Hofmeister had written about the whole history of Annunciation to the Archivist of the Diocese of PA. Never heard back a thanx nor a thing. Mine was a complete set—4 or 5—complete consecutive newsletters (with pix). I have retired as diocesan archivist for Diocese of Easton (MD) after 36 yrs. Thanx for what you o. Good Work. Wish there was more like it. I could never get a similar project “off the ground” here in Easton diocese.


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