4 thoughts on “Postcard of the Church of the Epiphany, Germantown (n.d.)

  1. Elizabeth Cochrane Gober

    There was a video of Reverend Leber walking through the rubble after the Epiphany Fire. Does anybody have a link?

    1. Margaret Leber

      His son, my brother Tim took still photos…I’m not aware of any video. I’d be interested in seeing it. I’ll inquire among the family to see if anybody knows about it.

  2. Liz

    Thanks Margaret. I grew up in St. Peter’s and met Reverend Leber at the Hungry Y coffee place at Epiphany and in joint formation teacher training at Calvary.

    1. Margaret Leber

      Ah, how well I remember helping Dad set up the Hungry Y every Friday night. Donuts, coffee and soda… for an evening of folksinging, setting out candles in Heineken bottles. .I was but a wee sprout at the time.


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