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Cornerstone Laid for the St. Barnabas’ Church, Kensington, Parish Building (1886)

From the 12 Jun 1886 Philadelphia Times


100th Plus 10 Anniversary Booklet of Free Church of St. John, Kensington (1973)

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275th Anniversary of Trinity Church, Oxford, Booklet (1973)

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250th Anniversary Booklet of Trinity Church, Oxford (1948)

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A Historical Look at Trinity Church, Oxford (1916)

From the January 1916 Church News

Jan1916ChurchNews-5b Jan1916ChurchNews-6a

Historical Gallery of Selected Clergy at Trinity Church, Oxford

Rev. Dr. William Smith (1766-1779 and 1791-1798)

trinityoxford2 8

Rev. Joseph Pilmore (1786-1791)

trinityoxford2 11

Rev. John H. Hobart (1798-1801)

trinityoxford2 10

Rev. George Sheets (1916-1854)

trinityoxford2 9

Rev. Dr. Edward Y. Buchanan (1854-1882)

trinityoxford2 13

Rev. R. Bowden Shepherd (1882-1885)

trinityoxford2 12

Rev. Henry C. Macbeth (1885-1891)

trinityoxford2 4

Rev. Henry A. F. Hoyt (1891-1893)

trinityoxford2 5

Rev. L. Parsons Bissell (1894-1902)

trinityoxford2 7

Rev. Horace F. Fuller (1902-1915)

trinityoxford2 6