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Funds Sought for the Construction of the Church of St. Simeon (1887)

From the Archives of the Diocese of Pennsylvania

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Cornerstone Laid for the St. Barnabas’ Church, Kensington, Parish Building (1886)

From the 12 Jun 1886 Philadelphia Times


In Memory of Rt. Rev. William Bacon Stevens: The Proposed [Church of St. Simeon] (1887)

From the 17 Dec 1887 Philadelphia Times


275th Anniversary of Trinity Church, Oxford, Booklet (1973)

Click on the image to access the booklet275thOxfordPart1-1

250th Anniversary Booklet of Trinity Church, Oxford (1948)

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A Historical Look at Trinity Church, Oxford (1916)

From the January 1916 Church News

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Historical Gallery of Selected Clergy at Trinity Church, Oxford

Rev. Dr. William Smith (1766-1779 and 1791-1798)

trinityoxford2 8

Rev. Joseph Pilmore (1786-1791)

trinityoxford2 11

Rev. John H. Hobart (1798-1801)

trinityoxford2 10

Rev. George Sheets (1916-1854)

trinityoxford2 9

Rev. Dr. Edward Y. Buchanan (1854-1882)

trinityoxford2 13

Rev. R. Bowden Shepherd (1882-1885)

trinityoxford2 12

Rev. Henry C. Macbeth (1885-1891)

trinityoxford2 4

Rev. Henry A. F. Hoyt (1891-1893)

trinityoxford2 5

Rev. L. Parsons Bissell (1894-1902)

trinityoxford2 7

Rev. Horace F. Fuller (1902-1915)

trinityoxford2 6